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The relationship with our private clients is unique. We have a reputation not only for technical quality, but also for the long-term relationships we build.

As a result, Bootham Pensions & Investments are able to offer tailored pension and investment guidance to meet the objectives of our clients. We offer clients integrated and bespoke guidance with the additional professional services.


Legal team

We work with a range of highly rated legal practices that provide the legal framework for all the transactions undertaken by the SSAS. These include all loan agreements both connected and non-connected. Loan security documentation. Conveyance of property or land.



A SSAS can purchase land or commercial property. In order for this to happen a RICS valuation must take place. We have a panel of specialist valuers that can assist and understand exactly what the company is trying to achieve.

We also work with specialist valuers for other associated SSAS transactions such as purchasing private shares.


Funding solutions

One of the key benefits of working with Bootham Pensions and Investments is access to capital. We work with private funders, high net wealth private syndicates, merchant banks, high-street lenders, commercial funding brokers and bridging companies.

If there is a funding need we can place it. This is commercial funding and not regulated consumer credit.


Specialist advice & Trustee work

Having worked in the financial services industry for many years, we have build up a network of specialist consultant contacts that can assist in many specific circumstances. This includes interaction with HMRC. Working with US Citizens with global IRS issues. Regulated Financial consultants that specialise is pension transfers and defined benefit (final salary pension transfers).

Require additional regulated financial advice?

At Bootham Pensions & Investments we want our clients to be fully comfortable with the investment decisions they make. For some clients the additional due diligence and personal recommendation that comes alongside regulated advice is needed.

I alongside David McCabe at Five Point Consulting have set up a new appointed representative company under the Five Point banner. This company is on hand to give regulated advice if required.

All regulated advice is under the supervision of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Just ask if this is something you would like to know more about.


Risk warning:
Investments - The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all your original investment

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